What happens when you synergize the boundless creativity of a young adult with the professional savvy of a global writer?

I invite you to explore the enthralling collaboration between a mother-daughter team in this riveting young adult adventure series, beginning with The Living Book. This Starlight Collection will leave you breathless for more, as each volume is carefully crafted to emulate an edgy and compelling nonstop read!

- Ruthi & I.J. Davis

Authors, The Living Book



Explore the vivid and colorful world of Brandon, the protagonist. This curious and courageous 10-year old boy is an easy identifier for the young adult audience, as his dreary boredom and defiant perusing through his father’s uncharted study causes him to unlock a magical world within a dusty book that pulls him into an unforgiving adventure. The Unicorn Village is filled with supreme beauty as well as terrifying antagonists that test his strength in character and will.

Beyond a typical adventure series, the first volume offers plot twists and turns, as Brandon discovers a sister he never met. Soon after, Brandon, his sister Garnet, and mother discover that they make up a royal Divine Trinity, and join forces on a unique mission to defeat Maltrushute and Marcoso, evil twin brothers set out to destroy all that’s left of the mystical Village.

Will the Trinity defeat the evil twins and save the Village?

Will they ever return home?

Find out what happens next…

About the Authors

Isabella and Ruthi, daughter and mother, have teamed up in a delightful collaboration of exciting, mysterious, and suspenseful storytelling through the eyes of a 10-year old child. Isabella’s active imagination and unique perspective, coupled with her mother’s seasoned writing background, harmoniously blend to create a mystical, magical world filled with vivid characters and exciting adventures.

Isabella is a clever, creative, and active young writer. In her leisure, she loves to read, write, and watch fiction as well as non-fiction based storylines. Isabella’s lifestyle is full of global travel, cultural exploration, understanding human nature, and enjoying the outdoors.  Her vivacious and curious personality is beautifully woven into the fabric of her work, as Isabella guides her readers through a delightful maze of adventures and characters.

I.J. Davis

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Magical Book (5)

Chapter 2: The Land Inside The Book (8)

Chapter 3: Topaz and Daniella (10)

Chapter 4: The New Sister (13)

Chapter 5: Unicorn Village (17)

Chapter 6: The Chase For Treasure (20)

Chapter 7: Pearl The Pegasus (26)

Chapter 8: The Sky Chase (28)

Chapter 9: Going Home (30)

Ruth Davis is an established global writer of various styles and genres, offering more than 20 years collective experience as a business strategist, editor, and writer for Fortune 500 (Top 50) companies and an international publication. Her work spans across magazine editorial, print, Web, radio, and television. The delightful symmetry created between a child’s imaginative world and an established writer combine to create some of the most unique and descriptive adventure tales.

Ruthi Davis

The Living Book

A Junior Novel


Chapter 1: The Magical Book

Brandon was a curious and ordinary 10-year old boy with orange hair, light skin, and freckles. On a typical sunny day, Brandon would be preoccupied with his usual bike riding throughout the neighborhood in the peaceful town of Colorado Springs, but not today. The sky was overcast and gray clouds seemed to blanket the rooftops of his street. The looming howl in the wind and deep gray sky advised him to stay home. Something was brewing in the air, and he could feel it.

As his mom, Julie, was busy folding laundry, Brandon felt bored and was trying to find something to keep himself busy at home. After a while of pacing in and out of rooms in the house, he quietly entered his father’s study, filled with books, both old and new. This was not his favorite room in the house, nor did his father allow him permission to rummage through his things. Yet for some reason, he entered anyway – and with great curiosity – as if he was searching for something.

He approached the towering collection of books, feeling that he was there for a reason that was unclear. After moving his way up the aged, wooden ladder, he looked closely. Brandon began to gently guide his fingers across the shiny, and sometimes dusty, book jackets – one called out to him. It was almost truly bizarre. It was as if the book whispered “Brandon;” and he couldn’t look away. This mysterious voice grew louder still. The book almost seemed to glow with a bright, entrancing light.

It was so strange and exciting. He knew he shouldn’t. He wasn’t allowed to even be in the room. The study door was not locked today. Could it be a sign? Should he…? This dusty old book was really nothing special in appearance, otherwise quite boring actually; so what was it about this book that didn’t allow him to search further? Was the whisper in his head real? Could he be imagining in his boredom? That was the same moment that his daring hand shrewdly snatched the book off of the shelf in haste. He clutched the book tightly under his arm and descended the ladder with a new sense of determination. With a big huff, he propped himself onto his father’s big leather chair.

Brandon slowly began to glide his hand across the hard and dusty cover. The letters on the cover gleamed as each letter met his fingers on the title, Magical Creatures. He knew something was peculiar. This book was not like any other he had ever seen before. Brandon’ curiosity intensified, and he carefully opened the book.

The pages were worn along the edges and aged with a yellow-tint. The words were dark, out of focus, and almost smeared-like. Before he even had a chance to begin reading, a thunderous boom and flash of lightning crashed furiously out of the book! In a blinding flash, Brandon was snatched out of his seat and thrust into the book.

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