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Regardless of your age, size, culture, religion, or background, being a kid is sometimes hard. From dealing with new foods, friends, new schools, moving, divorce, siblings, bullying, illness, or anxiety, we can go through a lot—and parents may not always REALLY understand how we feel. Even though it’s often easier to hold it all in, it’s so important to talk about how we feel with someone we trust. That’s why I started this blog.

Life can be hard and confusing sometimes, and the more we share, the more we learn that we are all going through the same issues. Let’s learn from each other and build each other up instead of down. I really hope you enjoy my collection of SuperKids Chronicles, made by kids for kids.

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Dealing with Bullies

Dealing with Bullies

Dear Confessional, Being bullied can hurt. You feel miserable and lonely, and you don’t want to go to school. Whether the bully is a boy or a girl, and the behavior is verbal or physical, it is always wrong.  My Story I have been bullied many times, mostly... read more
Top Tips for Adding a New Pet to Your Family

Top Tips for Adding a New Pet to Your Family

Dear Confessional, There aren’t many things that are better than getting a new pet. I know that feeling well when our family bought a Samoyed dog and three guinea pigs. If you are planning to add a new furry member to your family, or already have, read these top 10... read more
How to deal when food tastes icky and you’re too picky!

How to deal when food tastes icky and you’re too picky!

Dear Confessional, I used to be fussy with food. In the past, I didn’t like many kinds of foods—especially vegetables—but I had to learn by trying them. My mom was sneaky by hiding the food I didn’t like into the food that I loved. Sometimes, she would even pretend... read more

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