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The Challenge

Some kids just go above and beyond, and deserve to be celebrated and shine! Are you a SuperKid too? Do you know of an incredible SuperKid who deserves extra appreciation for being so wonderful?

The Solution

Tell us your story! Complete the fields below to nominate your special person (or yourself). Winners will be selected monthly, notified via email, and showcased on this site.

The SuperKid Award Winner

This section will showcase the winners from the “SuperKid Club.” Selected recipients, those who offer the most notable “Super” abilities, will be showcased here with headshot and text. 

SuperKid Award: Aidan Boyd

SuperKid Award: Aidan Boyd

Aidan is 7 years old and has Down syndrome. He is a SuperKid because he has taught everyone who knows him more about life, perseverance, and determination than any book or lesson. He teaches us everyday to celebrate the little things. We love seeing life through his... read more

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