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I’m so happy to offer you my open confessional of the everyday. My Chronicles from a Superfly Supermom blog allows you to do just that, and even offers valuable take-away tips to help empower your moments, instead of suffering through them.

Mr. Timesaver

Recent photoshoot for Mr. Timesaver, “Your On-Demand Delivery Service.” If you currently reside in The Netherlands, tap into for 24-hour pickup, cleaning, and delivery (dry cleaning, laundry, textile repairs, shoe service/repairs,... read more

10 Unfiltered Truths About Life Before Kids

Q: What kinds of things do mothers actually regret not enjoying/doing more before they had children?

A: Parenthood is a total game-changer when it comes to personal priorities, relationships with your spouse and family, communication, intimacy, hygiene, song-selection, and complete exhaustion.

read more

7 Candid Secrets & Lessons Learned in Marriage After Kids

Managing out of your marriage rut… it’s not what you’d think!   Dear Confessional,      Once the glamour and excitement of the dating life subside…       Once the giggles of newlywed bliss settle…      Once the pregnancy glow wane into a house full of kids... read more

Ruthi Davis on The Dean Blechman Show

Explore Ruthi’s return on The Dean Blechman Show! Enjoy this fun, open-topic show completely led by our viewers! We discuss parenting, health, pregnancy, intimacy, happiness, professional motivation, and more! Click into the segment via: Facebook... read more

Featured Guest, Ruthi Davis on The Dean Blechman Show

Tap into Ruthi’s interview as a featured guest on The Dean Blechman Show! Bridging The Netherlands to NY, explore this lively and passionate interview, as Ruthi unveils her life lessons, professional background, discusses love, relationships, fears, personal... read more

10 Warning Signs of Sleep Deprivation

How many can you check off? * This post was originally published on Thrive Global. You’re sitting up and staring at the computer, in a trance-like state with your mouth typically gaping open, until an awkward head jolt later when you realize you just fell asleep... read more

Mission to Succeed

Uncovering the secrets to achieve true success when a tireless work ethic isn’t enough. * This post was originally published on Thrive Global.  Dear Confessional, Exhaustion and sleep deprivation are completely underrated. When the barrage of personal and professional... read more

Breathless… but Full of Life

Dear Confessional, Sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe—and I’m not asthmatic or anxious. I just mean that, often, life seems to take my breath away. Reflections of moments in my past resurface and make me feel like I’m gasping for air. Overwhelming moments in my... read more

Game-Changer Chart for Frustrated Parents

Dear Confessional, Right when we become fooled into believing that we have mastered a certain tricky stage in our child’s development, a new one smacks us right in the head, resulting in a nasty headache and a need for a new plan. Yes there is light at the end of the... read more

Parental PopQuiz: What would You do?

Dear Confessional, Let’s face it, the highs and lows of parenting are inevitable. Oftentimes, we are tasked with on-the-spot decision-making that will surely test our character as a parent. Whether you choose to laugh during the awkward and unexpected moments or “stay... read more

Parental Privilege to Hypocrisy, Top 10

Dear Confessional, I admit it. I’m a complete hypocrite. I’m not afraid to say it, and a part of me believes that I truly deserve it. The “practice what you preach” philosophy is ok to a point, but as the mom of the house, I deserve some leniency here. Even though I’m... read more

Pushed to the Edge and Back Again

Dear Confessional, After helping my daughter overcome one of her panic episodes, I had reached a point where once I relaxed, I felt dizzy and like my knees were buckling—I was so drained. At the same time, I felt an enormous relief that peace was restored and proud... read more

Combatting the Back to School Bully

Dear Confessional, I’ll never forget how in third grade, Kim used to repeatedly ask me to open my mouth, look inside, and ask if I have a retainer. “Why do you talk weird?” she’d ask. I’ll always remember her look of sheer disbelief that the only thing in my mouth was... read more

Life Lessons from a Sweet Tooth

Dear Confessional, I’m sorry, but life is not “like a box of chocolates,” because if it were, then each bite would be sweet and probably not last more than 10 minutes in my hands (especially if they were filled with caramel). Life, perhaps, is more accurately depicted... read more

10 Dirty Truths For New And Expectant Parents

Dear Confessional, What’s grosser than gross? Gross: Cleaning a dirty diaper of brown slime that managed to slide up and all around your sweet baby’s back and stomach, and all over the changing table. Grosser: Once you finally finish cleaning your entire baby, use an... read more

10 Steps to Climb Out of Your Career Funk

Dear Confessional, For most of my life I’ve been at war with my eyeballs. Sometimes at night, I fight my eyes to uncross, focus, and reopen during a strange bobble-head battle when I’ve worked too many hours during the day. Let’s also not forget that blank,... read more

Emergency Stash: Always be prepared for anything!

Dear Confessional, There’s a special shrill that sends shivers down my spine, when a child has an accident that is more than a “shake it off, buddy” situation. It’s the kind of sound that will instantaneously send a pit to your throat, a cyclone of emotions through... read more

7 Tips to Prep, Pack, and Fly with Kids

Dear Confessional, The dreaded flight with kids—over-tired, fussy, hungry, thirsty, bored, bathroom, ears hurting, crying, tantrums, bathroom again, kicking the seat in front, “are we there yet”, too hot, too cold, bathroom yet again—can be a recipe for... read more

Oh, Awkward! Top 10 List.

Dear Confessional, I am a magnet. Seriously, if there’s an embarrassing moment or clumsy situation to happen, I may just be that person. Thankfully, as an adult, I have finally grown enough confidence to no longer get embarrassed that easily. I can embrace my... read more

Father’s Day Cheat Sheet

Dear Confessional, Sometimes my mind is completely blank. Ok, let me rephrase that… when it comes to holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, I am absolutely guilty of spending way too much time in the greeting card section of the store surveying every emotion on paper... read more

Applying the “Ferber” Method Beyond Sleep-Training

Dear Confessional, When I first became pregnant and thankfully passed the worry mark well enough to know that this bundle-to-be was for real, I put my future mommy pants on (not just the maternity kind) and got to reading the endless barrage of parenting books. After... read more

Top 3 Cringe-Worthy “Talks” with Your Kids

Dear Confessional, The bathroom was a bloodbath. It seriously looked like someone was murdered in there, nasty. My poor daughter walked into—not once, but twice—the horrid crime scene of an undisposed pad/sanitary napkin/towel on the floor of a public bathroom. The... read more

Motherhood Mashup

Dear Confessional, From the moment that I held my first child and was privileged enough to gain the extraordinary title of mother, I knew that just about every facet of my life was about to change, drastically. You see, motherhood isn’t just a title and a... read more

4 Steps to Emerge from “Mommy Rut”

Dear Confessional, I don’t think it’s a mid-life crisis moment that I went through, although some may say it could sound similar. I wasn’t depressed, I don’t think. I wasn’t sad in any way. Maybe bored a bit? Confused perhaps? Contemplating in some way. Whatever you... read more

5 Ways that Job Hunting & Dating are the Same

Dear Confessional, I have been a complete disaster for the last week. Finally, the tides have changed because I boldly took the leap to change my professional direction and chase my dreams. My philosophy is “go big or go home,” so when I created my own door of... read more

Top 8 Parenting Fails: Why don’t we learn?

Dear Confessional, Sometimes hindsight is as much of a curse as it is a blessing. After we, as parents, screw up in our senseless action or inaction to teach certain pivotal lessons, hindsight is always there to give us a good kick in the ass of, “I told you so!” and... read more

Non-Glass House Rules: 3 candid DO’s & DON’Ts

Dear Confessional, I make my kids straighten up a room before they leave. It’s what keeps the house mostly tidy and my sanity level at bay. I also allow them to get down ‘n dirty in craft paint and sparkles during a craft, as long as they clean it up at the end (with... read more

3 Strategies for Building Close Sibling Relationships

Dear Confessional, I am painfully annoying and stubborn when it comes to teaching my kids life lessons. I am that yapping Chihuahua that gets on your case and doesn’t let issues go until they are cleaned off the slate and resolved properly. I don’t like tensions to... read more

3 Tips to End Your Dr. Jekyll & Momma Hyde Parenting

Dear Confessional, I have a secret to tell you, and I haven’t openly admitted it yet, even though you may have been suspecting… I have superpowers. The struggle is real, my friends. For me, it wasn’t until I had kids that I discovered my magical powers. You see, I... read more

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Dear Confessional, Sometimes I like to test my instinct with doing the exact opposite of how I feel. Is that weird? Sometimes I like to practice the “relax and let things fall into place theory,” by impulsively countering my intent to rush when I’m in need for more... read more

5 Steps to Recover from Garbage Disposal Syndrome (GDS)

Dear Confessional, I haven’t told anyone this before, but sometimes, the Nutella jar secretly calls my name during a particularly frustrating afternoon. Somehow the spoon magically appears in my hand, and I find myself hiding in the pantry shoveling 2 – 4 heaping... read more

5 Tips to End Morning Meltdowns

Dear Confessional, I am not a morning person at all. It’s actually really bad. Let me take you through a brief history of my wake ups. As a kid, I used to iron grip my covers over my face to shut out the sunlight, because it was so warm and cozy under those sheets. I... read more

Mirror mirror on the wall

Dear Confessional, I sneeze-farted in Mr. Einhorn’s class in fifth grade. I’ll set the scene. Right after the teacher angrily silenced the class, we all got to work in our composition books—tension filled the air—and no one dared to even breathe too loud. Then it... read more

More than a wave-jumper

Dear Confessional, I’ve almost drowned three times. I’m a terrible swimmer. I am an adult woman with four children who swim better than I do—and yet I still pinch my nose under water and doggy paddle. My resilient children swim like fish in any temperature. Even... read more

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