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Simple, Flawless Skincare

Q: What do you use on your skin? What’s your trick, because it doesn’t seem like you age! I’m tired of breakouts in my 40’s and just want to have clean, fresh skin that’s under control.

A: I always had issues with the skin on my face and back as a teen and even in my 20’s. The after-effects of a zit with dark spots were the worst and felt like an eternity to clear. I used to be that college kid who walked around her apartment in the evening with a green face covered in the latest minty mud mask in a desperate attempt to control my pesky pores.

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Potty training tips

Q: Can you please tell me your potty training tips?
A: This is a topic that comes up often with parents of young children. The key to even starting the potty training process is to make it FUN! Positive reinforcement is crucial to getting the result you want. This entire experience can be overwhelming and bit scary for little ones, so make sure to stay calm and as patient as possible. Remember, potty training techniques may vary based on personality, gender, and sibling order, but here’s a general breakdown of some tips that worked for my three girls.

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