rdavisThe voyeuristic nature of society is actually an intrinsic desire to “peek” into the lives of others, throughout all of their “behind closed doors” raw moments in life. Most people envision being a Superfly on the wall of someone else’s home to see that we’re all the same, in struggles and everyday mishaps.

These private moments are often muted or hidden to avoid personal embarrassment and/or judgement. The open confessional style of the Chronicles, and the interactive, impactful nature of the Superfly Supermom site allow readers to connect on a personal level, while laughing and growing together.

What if you could let go of all your insecurities and learn to accept and overcome your daily struggles, missteps, and frustration?

What if you could feel complete confidence in sharing and laughing about your everyday challenges, parenthood drama, relationship issues, and personal growth without fear of judgement and criticism?

What if you could be that Superfly on the wall and peek into the everyday life of a Supermom, just like you?

Welcome to Superfly Supermom. I’m so happy to offer you my open confessional of the everyday. Let’s laugh, cry, and grow together. My Superfly Supermom Chronicles blog allows you to do just that, and even offers valuable take-away tips to help empower your moments, instead of suffering through them.

Let’s celebrate the Supermom in all of us!

Ruthi Davis

Author, Editor, Writer


Ruthi Davis is a global multimedia editor/writer, author, speaker, consultant, business/brand strategist, founder of Superfly Supermom and SuperKids Chronicles, and frequent contributor for Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, Bonbon Break, Red Tricycle, and Scary Mommy.

For nearly two decades, she has professionally reached audiences, worldwide, as a journalist, ghost writer, and editor. She also worked with Fortune 500 (Top 50) companies on multi-faceted advertising/marketing campaigns through copywriting, brand development, and business strategy.

As the wife of an American Diplomat and globe-trotting expat mom of four children, Ruthi has relished the opportunity to learn and gain unique perspective from her colleagues around the world. At the same time, she has served as a valuable consultant on parenting, nutrition, relationships, wellness, life-coaching and business development needs.

This experience has enabled Ruthi’s vision to formalize, and so she launched her candid and informative blog, Supermom Chronicles. Ruthi’s virtual diary of brutally honest moments and life lessons immediately resonated with audiences, as she harmoniously bridged that undisclosed gap between daily life situations, shared experience, solution, and strength… with a blend of unfiltered candor and personal truth. Her blog and SuperflySupermom.com website enable readers to engage on a powerful journey of self-empowerment.

The SuperKids section on this site enables young readers/writers a safe place to reveal their personal journey and solution. This empowerment initiative serves to propel children and teens to feel confident in reading, writing, sharing, and learning from life lessons. The overall brand mission is to encourage people of all ages to engage in a powerful journey of self-empowerment with a large dose of relatability, humor, and sincere emotion.