Adam is a 13-year old SuperKid because he is trying to make a positive difference in the world! He developed a book that captured his desire to teach his great-grandpa’s mantras to other children. He then wanted to visit kids in hospitals to help them heal. Created by Adam for other kids, his dog yogi & meditation character, Wuf Shanti, teaches health, wellness, peace, and positivity—much like the “Barney” character of Yoga. There’s no other character like this, and it is so important right now to spread this message, especially with so much tragedy happening around the world.

Adam believes that the next generation is the key to changing this world. Together we can make a positive impact and teach kids to LOVE. 

Wuf Shanti videos are aired on Florida PBS stations and the Children’s TV Network, which is the national (soon-to-be international) in-house children’s hospital station. This expansive initiative has gained 60K followers on FaceBook. Adam Levine even posted about Adam and Wuf Shanti on his social media pages. What’s more—the mobile App comes out next week! Adam’s enormous heart and unstoppable determination is truly succeeding to make a positive difference in the world.

Learn more about Wuf Shanti and his mission, intention, values, hospital tours, and recent press from the Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel on the official website. Tap into the Wuf Shanti YouTube Channel for a complete collection of episodes.

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