Sometimes life takes unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes your story is not exactly how you imagined. Sometimes you have to go through some darkness before you find yourself back in the light. And sometimes, once you find that light you know it’s exactly where you are meant to be. Jason is that light for me. Jason was my “second chance,” and I was his. He shows me unconditional love and support, and has my back in everything, including cheering me on from the sidelines with my blog, and my podcast, The Keep It Real Moms… and pretty much any endeavor I throw myself into. He is my “sicker than the average” everything. He keeps me sane more than he makes me insane… and that’s love. I feel lucky every day that we get to do life together, even when he kvetches. Marriage and life in general is hard, you guys. But… when you have a true partner and you don’t just love each other, but LIKE each other, you can’t ask for anything more. I hit the jackpot.

~ Rachel (Jason’s wife)

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