I’m a mom to 5 amazing, unique people…..who happen to be stinking adorable to boot! We are a military family who has been stationed all around the world. I’ve packed/unpacked, encouraged/soothed, and planted roots 10 times throughout my family’s military service. We’ve called home to 3 different countries, 6 states, and too many houses to count. I’ve home schooled and utilized the public school system, our family is full of ADHDers and I’ve navigated through my fair share of IEP meeting for my brilliant, highly insightful son who happens to be dyslexic and struggles with memory and a processing disorder. Parenting isn’t for the weak, and I absolutely LOVE being around those fellow parent encouagers…..because, keepin’ it real, we ALL need a high-five, pat on the back, “you’ve got this” or “stay strong” cheerleader in our corner. This blessing and incredible responsibility of being “Mommy” is God’s greatest gift to me this side of Heaven. Prayer and a whole lotta caffeine keeps this lady ROCKING her Mama duties. Stay strong my friends! ♡☆♡☆♡

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