Dear Ruthi, 

What do you use on your skin? What’s your trick, because it doesn’t seem like you age! I’m tired of breakouts in my 40’s and just want to have clean, fresh skin that’s under control. 


Gail (Orlando, Florida)   



Dear Gail,

I have always experienced issues with the skin on my face and back as a teen and even in my 20’s. The after-effects of picking a pimple typically leads to an unsightly dark spot that takes an eternity to clear. 

I used to be that college kid who walked around her apartment at night covered in the latest bright green, minty mud mask in a desperate attempt to control my pesky pores. 

I am a stubborn and practical person, and I was determined to figure out how to manage this annoying issue that was putting a huge damper on my self-esteem… and I’m happy to say that I have finally found it! My personal solutions are so simple and inexpensive, and effectively reverse some sun and skin damage issues.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I kept reading articles about the benefits of organic coconut oil not only as a source of nutrition, but also for the skin. This oil serves as an excellent moisturizer and deep cleanser that help to revitalize the skin, clean out clogged pores, reduce wrinkles, and decrease premature aging. 

The idea of applying coconut oil on my face seemed strange at first, not only because I was cooking with it, but also because I was worried that the oil would leave my face greasy and further clog my pores (which it does not at all). I had to try it to believe it—so I did—and I have been hooked ever since! 

Several times per week, after washing/drying my face at bedtime with a simple facial cleanser, I apply a small amount of the oil all over my face, hands, and feet that tend to be dry in the cooler months. I then use a towel to lightly dab the extra oil on the surface. That’s it! 

In the morning, I wash my face normally and am amazed at how well the coconut oil works to heal and repair breakouts. When I began to use the product regularly, I was in disbelief at how deep wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes disappeared. 

The oil’s regenerative properties really hold true. Darks spots from previous acne disappeared, and my skin has remained radiant and smooth. I even use this on my children’s eczema spots, scrapes, and cuts due to its strong antioxidant properties.

Picky Fingers

The other crucial tactic to maintaining smooth skin is to banish your fingers from your face! During a bored, stressed, or self-critical moment, it’s too easy to fall back to bad habits in picking those little “bumps” in hopes of making them disappear. 

What you actually end up doing is creating a subcutaneous infection, spreading the “gunk,” and creating a mini-wound on your face that now has to start a healing process. Why bother? 

Stay away from your face and stop picking, even if you need to cut your nails or put post-its on the mirror. Once you leave your face alone and keep it clean, the problem areas will be a thing of the past. The less you touch your skin, the cleaner your skin will remain with fewer opportunities to spread bacteria onto your pores. 

Hydrate & Feel Great

While selecting a great cleanser is crucial for the health of your skin, so is your hydration! Drinking plenty of water throughout the day not only cleanses and detoxifies your system, but also serves to hydrate and refresh your skin. 

You should feel vibrant from the inside out, so treat your body and your skin well by drinking pure water throughout the day. Believe me, you will notice the effects on your skin. Start by drinking eight to 10 eight-ounce servings, throughout the day (not all at once). From radiant, glowing skin, less acne spots, greater moisture, and improved elasticity, your skin will thank you for it—and you’ll feel better too.

Rest & Relief 

I never thought that I would find the day where I could confidently stop wearing make-up and “hide” under a thick layer of foundation. This really turned my skin around, and I have never been more proud of the journey. 

Maintaining healthy and smooth skin is so simple and inexpensive, but it starts with You. Good luck, and feel free to post pictures of your flawless skin here!

with Love,


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