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There aren’t many things that are better than getting a new pet. I know that feeling well when our family bought a Samoyed dog and three guinea pigs. If you are planning to add a new furry member to your family, or already have, read these top 10 tips to prepare your pet for a healthy and happy life.

Shopping List

No matter what animal you are getting, make sure to plan a proper shopping list, like the food, cage/tank, tools, treats, and other accessories.

Home Prep.

Do some research about your pet or ask the pet store expert about the specific materials you will need. Planning ahead will help your pet to live a long and happy life. The next step after buying all of the equipment is to find a safe and comfortable area inside/outside of your house.

Life Happens

Sometimes a new pet means good news and sometimes bad. When my sister and I picked out our guinea pigs, we had to leave them at the store for two weeks while we were away on holiday. I was so excited to pick them up after we returned. When we arrived back at the store, the owner told us that the litter must have been bad one because those guinea pigs had died. We were so sad, but in the end, we found three healthy and beautiful guinea pigs. I guess sometimes life happens, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Bringing Your Pet Home

Even though you may feel really happy and excited to spend lots of time with your new pet, it is normal for your pet to be scared and want some space. Remember, your pet is leaving the home it’s used to and won’t know what’s happening or know you well. Try to give your new pet time and space to adjust to your home and to you.

Home Sweet Home

While your house may be familiar to you, your new pet still sees you as a stranger and in an unfamiliar place. When we first brought our guinea pigs home, they spent a lot of time hiding before they felt comfortable. On the contrary, when we first brought our puppy home, she was very excited, sociable, and interested in everything. Just make sure to be patient with your new pet, or he/she may become really stressed and overwhelmed, which may affect his/her health too.

Responsibility Starts Now

From the very first day until the last, your pet will depend on you for everything. Make sure to make time in your daily routine for completing your pet responsibilities, like feeding, cleaning your pet and its living space, playtime, cuddle-time, etc.

Introducing Your Pet to Other Pets in the House

If you have other pets in the house, especially a larger one, you may want to take some time after bringing your pet home before introducing them. Whenever you decide is a good time, make sure to stay close by and watch how they relate to each other.

A Happy Family

Your pet is part of your family. Just as you would with a person, remember to always show respect, care, and lots of love to your new member.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it to be helpful!

** Fun Fact: In our family, we have one female Samoyed dog named Lady. My sister and I own 3 female guinea pigs. Mine are called Cookie Dough (nickname “Cookie”) and Marshmallow (“nickname “Marshie”), and my sister has Brownie.

Yours Truly,


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