Dear Confessional,

I used to be fussy with food. In the past, I didn’t like many kinds of foods—especially vegetables—but I had to learn by trying them. My mom was sneaky by hiding the food I didn’t like into the food that I loved. Sometimes, she would even pretend that the food was something else or would call it by a different name so we would eat it. Then when we loved it, she would confess what the food actually was. She would sometimes offer a special activity reward or play word/math games at the table when she saw us having a hard time eating, to help us start eating faster.

My mom always talks to us about the importance of food in our body. Just like you wouldn’t put anything other than gasoline fuel in a car to make it work, we shouldn’t fill up our bodies with anything but the best nutrition for our fuel. From the time we were young and would ask for unhealthy junk food at the supermarket, my mom would have us read the ingredient label and check for numbers, like red #40. She explained that these numbers were food paint colors and to save the paint for paper, not our body.

We also learned that if an ingredient is really long and hard to pronounce, many times it’s another chemical that shouldn’t be in our body. Also, the brighter or darker color the peel of the fruit or vegetable, the better it is for your body. Even though we enjoy a “junky snack” from time to time, we try and eat healthy most of the time.

Later on in life, I became a lot less picky and was opened to trying new foods, like asparagus, tuna steak, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, etc. Remember, you may not like the food the first, second, or third time—but later on you will. Just a bit of trying won’t hurt.

** Fun fact! If you really don’t like your food, and your family is waiting for you to finish or have a delicious dessert, try this cool trick—just hold your nose! Your sense of taste won’t work if you can’t smell the food. Test it out and see! Hold your nose, do a good job with your meal, and you won’t taste anything.

Remember, try something new every day!


Yours truly,



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