Dear Confessional,

There’s a special shrill that sends shivers down my spine, when a child has an accident that is more than a “shake it off, buddy” situation. It’s the kind of sound that will instantaneously send a pit to your throat, a cyclone of emotions through your gut, and require a quick-response drop-everything approach that is absolute serious business. Whether you have kids or not, life sometimes catches you off guard and slaps you senseless. Truthfully, having four children of my own has taught me a lot about staying calm in an emergency, how to prepare, and how to immediately focus and respond. Being unprepared stresses me out, plain and simple—that’s why I am the go-to mom with an emergency stash for any situation.


Even after downsizing from my “big mama” purse when diapers were history and all kids started school, I wasn’t playing around. My emergency stash is always a necessity, and I’m happy to share the best on-the-go items for any situation.

Sugar Packets


That moment when you hear a thud, a pause, a high-pitched scream and cry, and then your injured child runs to you with a mouth pooling of blood is simply unforgettable. No matter how good of a parent you may be, it happens to the best of us—a quick slip, bump, fall, or even a loose tooth that wiggles it’s way out. The sight of this can be completely terrifying. Calming down a hysterical child, not knowing where the source of the blood may be, and trying not to hyperventilate is a feat in itself. What’s worse is when your child’s poor mouth stays opened, frightened, and the blood rushes faster when mixed with saliva. Is it the cheek? The tongue? The tooth? It’s hard to tell. That’s where these sweet packets come in.

When any oral incident occurs, pour sugar on it and the bleeding will stop immediately! Seriously, your child will start smiling from this unexpected treat and the source of the wound and saliva combination will cause the bleeding to stop in an instant, allow you to see where the cut is located, and injury to begin healing. It’s so simple and fast.

Tea Bag


A child falls and gets a deep cut, you’re using the slicer too fast and mistook your finger for a carrot stick, you unrolled the foil and your finger slid on the box blade—totally possible. Whether these scenarios bring back upsetting memories or incite a clumsy laugh, accidents happen and sometimes a band-aid (plaster) is not enough. Sometimes a towel and pressure doesn’t work fast enough either. That’s when a tea bag comes into the picture, not to soothe you with a fresh cup, but to stop the bleeding. That’s right, apply pressure with a tea bag to absorb the moisture and affix a band-aid (plaster) to hold it in place. The caffeine in the tea apparently shrinks the blood vessels to stop bleeding.

Traumeel Gel or Creme


I am not a representative for this product or any others, but this natural creme is amazing at reducing internal inflammation, swelling of any kind, and bruising. Sometimes you hear (or experience) that loud thud that let’s you know a bruise is well on it’s way. Apply this creme immediately (externally only), and it will greatly reduce any bruising or swelling.

Ear Drops


Ear aches come and go, and sometimes overstay their welcome. Whether your child has swimmer’s ear, congestion from a cold, or a new tooth on the way, you want to help him/her feel comfortable. This is my go-to solution every time. Homeopathic pain relief that also serves to reduce inflammation and liquid building up. Safe for infants and children… I always keep it close at hand and especially for flights. Please make sure to check with a doctor if the pain persists or you suspect an ear infection, as antibiotics may be necessary.

Eye Drops


A big gust of dusty wind or a fallen eyelash is enough to send you or your child rubbing and tearing, which sometimes makes it worse! Be prepared with kid-friendly eye drops to easily and safely wash out the eye, and drops for grown-ups with contacts. It has definitely come in handy enough times to make it into my stash.

Backup Contacts


Nobody wants to be rummaging on a dirty floor at a store or street from that contact that popped out. Driving with one eye can be tricky if a contact tore in half and there’s no way getting it back in. Always keep a backup for emergencies. Period.

Mini Sprays


Summer is here so be prepared. These mini-sprays are so handy. Sometimes you need a quick solution to avoid a nasty sunburn. Whether it’s too buggy out during your evening out or walk through the park, you’re ready. If it’s too late and a bug bite has you itching, take action to reduce the swelling and itching fast.

Neosporin & Band-Aids (Plasters)


Not too much explanation needed here. If you want to eliminate the antiseptic creme, then buy band-aids (plasters) with ointment already applied.

Mini Scissor & Nail File


These come in handy for more than vanity. So many things seem to need opening assistance when out and about. Buy a pair and keep it with you.

Tampons & Pads (Towels)


Take your pick or bring both, you simply never know when “Aunt Flow” will pay you a visit next. Sometimes we’re a day or two off and it’s just better to be safe than sorry. Gear up, ladies.

Granola Bar


This is a different kind of emergency. Whether you have low blood pressure or a moody crew when hungry, make sure to always have an emergency hearty treat with you. Believe me, it’s worth it.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through my bag. Please feel free to comment on your top emergency tips and remedies below, as I love learning and sharing the best on-the-go necessities.

with Love,


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