Dear Confessional,

Sometimes my mind is completely blank. Ok, let me rephrase that… when it comes to holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, I am absolutely guilty of spending way too much time in the greeting card section of the store surveying every emotion on paper to find the right fit. Finally, when I find “the one” and it’s time to put pen to paper, my mind goes completely blank! I may be over-tired from reading too many cards, or I may have too many thoughts and feelings to know where to begin. Either way, I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one.

As another holiday is upon us—Father’s Day—many of us who are not procrastinating (or maybe slightly) may be ready to start gift planning, card-writing, and crafting with the kids for daddy. Whether the Summer holidays have already begun on your side of town or are quickly approaching, your mind may be full of more than what to write in your man’s special card. You know it should be witty, maybe a bit mushy, but always personal.

How to start? What to write? It better be good, right?  Ok, that’s where I step in. Writing has always come pretty easy for me, but I realize that same doesn’t hold true for others, so I’ve created a DIY personal card content blog for your convenience.

Obviously, we all have our own marriage styles and character traits that make us as wives so irresistible, whether it be wit, sarcasm, cynicism, sappiness, or romance… which is why this cheat sheet is in multiple choice to meet your specific blend!

First, let’s discuss some common types of father figures. Keep in mind that this list details only a few types of dads, and there are many more variations… ah-hem:

  • Cameo Dad: This dad forfeits nearly all daily detail rights for you to manage with the kids—home, school, food, discipline minutia, it’s all you. Naturally, for the big decisions he will have equal weight in the planning and outcome. He works hard but will always step in when needed to assist with some meal prep, kid play, and selective chores. He is generally the “fun one.” He is also the one who will rescue you from the pantry in a mom-moment, elbow-deep in Nutella.
  • Honey-Do Dad: While you mostly do it all related to home, food, and kids, this reliable and handy dad will always be ready and proud with his tool box to help make home life functional again. Screws, nails, measuring tape, levellers, hammer, and especially those little plastic mollies are always on standby. He’s the battery and lightbulb guy… there’s no job he can’t tackle. Even if he doesn’t get to your long list until “he’s ready,” the job will be done, guaranteed.
  • SuperDad: A+ dad gives you plenty of alone time with your friends. He’s ready to step in when you are frazzled or in need of a hug. This all around, working, helping, sharing responsibilities dad is always there at a moment’s notice. Kids run to him when he comes home for piggy back rides and plenty of tickling. He’s the home hero.
  • Ghost Dad: He works so hard and has so much on his mind. This dad goes into work early and comes home late, both stressed and exhausted. He’s mostly quietly engulfed in a mental maze of his own thoughts. You are typically the mom, and often the dad, who gets things done for everyone. You peek into his mind after the kids go to bed and ease his stress with comforting words and a warm hug.
  • DILF Dad: Whatever category(ies) suit(s) you above, even if it’s more than one, this DILF (Dad I Like To F***) will retain its own section because it’s just merited. Hot dad is still supremely sexy to you, even after all of these years. He still gives you the butterflies when he dresses in a suit or uniform. He’s still got it in every way and you’re just proud that he’s as awesome on the inside and a great father, as he is smokin’ on the outside.

Now that we’ve had a moment to think about the kind of father he is, let’s determine your tone. Below is the Father’s Day card content with multiple choice options to help make this more YOU, without the blank thought issue. Please feel free to further customize as needed.

Dear               ,

A) love

B) hot stuff

C) [plain name]

D) daddy (some like to refer to their partner as their children name him)

E) [nickname]

On this Father’s Day, I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. After all of these years, you’re still the one I would choose to                   .

A) marry all over again

B) lay next to and fight over the remote

C) give my last cookie

D) cuddle every night

E) all of the above

Every time I look at our wonderful children, I’m reminded how lucky I truly am. I admire the way you                            

A) play with them and make them smile so bright when they see you come home

B) work so hard to enable us to have such an incredible life

C) know when to hand me a glass of wine and back away slowly after a really hard afternoon with the kids.

D) quietly remove the jar of Nutella out of my hand when you find me in the pantry for a mom-break

E) all of the above

You are truly so                            

A) special to me. I don’t know what I would do without you.

B) incredible with the kids and in bed. You’re my hero.

C) hard-working. I miss you so much and would love to spend more time with you when you can.

D) good at reading my mind. You always know when I just need a hug, a glass of wine, a random compliment, or a goofy laugh together to know we just make sense.

E) all of the above

Thank you for all that you do! I love you so much. We were made for each other, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. [site example here]

A) One day, when we’re old and you’re pushing me in a wheelchair, I promise to always blend your food and feed it to you through a straw, since you still won’t floss.

B) I vow to always change your diapers when you become incontinent.

C) I will always save the last square of your favorite chocolate before devouring it myself in a moment of need—and that means a lot.

D) We are soul mates, and I vow to love you forever and beyond.

E) all of the above

Wishing you a wonderful Father’s Day, today and always. 

I love you,

A) me

B) hot mama

C) [plain name]

D) mommy (some like to refer to their partner as their children name him)

E) [nickname]

Enjoy a meaningful and impactful Father’s Day card this year! Don’t forget to save, share, and/or retweet this blog and help out another Supermom in need.

with Love,


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