Dear Confessional,

From the moment that I held my first child and was privileged enough to gain the extraordinary title of mother, I knew that just about every facet of my life was about to change, drastically. You see, motherhood isn’t just a title and a responsibility—it’s an evolution that will rock you to the core and test every ounce of your character and might from the get-go.

Between those glorious moments of stepping on a curiously sharp Lego mid-hallway, to placing your iPhone in the fridge and juice in the the pantry in an exhausted mommy mishap, we don’t give up. Even when you’ve caught the school’s epidemic of the stomach bug and all you want to do is curl up in fetal position, your title and responsibility never waver. From the projectile poop of a newborn all over your clothes to the flailing four-limbed tantrums mid-isle at the store, somehow moms just manage to keep moving forward through bedtime, each day, when you stop and wish that time would just slow down. I must admit, this journey is an incredible ride of highs and lows, and twists and turns that I honor, even during my Darth Vader voice moments.

To all dedicated mothers:

I am proud to stand by you and with you, knee-deep, in this all-consuming, all-draining, and all-empowering journey that is parenting.


Regardless of what style of momma you may be, we are all the same in our intention to parent for the best interest of our kids. So today, I feel privileged to salute each of you, because moms just deserve a lot more hugs and even more appreciation for this epic ride called parenting. Whether you relate to one, all, or none of these mom categories below, I bet you at least know someone who does.

  • Energizer Mom who is a high-speed do-er and doesn’t pick her head up for a breath between the endless piles of laundry, dishes, supermarket runs, dinner prep, class mom duties, and limitless errands. She is virtually a magical fairy who seamlessly keeps the home and family together and doesn’t take a breath, until her eyes start crossing and closing while putting the kids to bed.
  • Suited-up Mom who juggles professional and home life like a pro, even when her suit is hiding the morning milk stains from her daughter’s flying cereal bowl. She just does it all, from lunch boxes to status meetings, weekly reports to spelling tests. She’s got this.
  • Frazzle Dazzle Mom who may not always be on time and often arrive to school in her pyjama pants, she tries so hard. She’s always in a rush, in a stumble, in a frazzle, and so very lovable as she is always learning and doing her best.

Celebrate your perfect imperfections with this Motherhood Mashup, perfectly contrived from the famed words of the United States Constitution. We mothers mostly make up the fabric of our homes and family. We deserve a little extra boost besides those push-up Wonderbras, so please enjoy this momma salute.


Constitution of Motherhood

(Original text by James Madison, Mashup by Ruthi)

We the Mothers of this brood, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice among competitive siblings, insure domestic Tranquility when kids won’t share, provide for the common defence during tired tantrums, promote the general Welfare with clean underwear and warm meals, and secure the Blessings of Sanity to ourselves and for the Well-Being of our children, do ordain and establish this Momma Constitution for the United Function of the Family.

Whichever kind of mother you are, even if it’s not listed here, I commend you—from stretch marks to cellulite, saggy boobs to cesarean scars, varicose veins to dark under-eye circles, grey hairs to 30-something acne, this one’s for you. From girls’ night out venting to date night drink-a-thon, Zumba dance-booties to toned limbs, photoshopped selfies to breast implants, botox-ed wrinkles to personal training, I applaud you.


No matter what path you take to embrace your flaws with your inner and outer beauty, we all wear this badge of motherhood in various forms. No matter what you look like or how you manage this most important commitment,

we are all Supermoms.

Celebrate your perfect imperfection!

And remember—

we’re all in this journey called motherhood, together.

with Love,


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