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Chronicles from a Superfly Supermom

7 Candid Secrets & Lessons Learned in Marriage After Kids

Managing out of your marriage rut… it’s not what you’d think!   Dear Confessional,      Once the glamour and excitement of the dating life subside…       Once the giggles of newlywed bliss settle…      Once the pregnancy glow wane into a house full of kids... read more

Shockingly Inexpensive and Simple Secrets For Best Skin!

Do you feel like you’re constantly battling with your acne? From the hormonal teenage years through adulthood, maintaining smooth skin that is free of acne, post-acne spots, premature signs of aging, and/or other skin conditions on your face and body can be... read more

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Fly on the Wall Chronicles

Brutally honest trial-and-error parenting tips and life lessons that pediatricians, parents, and friends don’t mention!


Toddler Talk

Hilarious kid quips and comments. You just can’t make this stuff up!

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The Living Book

Explore the first volume of this compelling, young adult adventure series developed by an infinitely creative and talented 10-year old and her mother, a seasoned writing professional.

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Celebrating Supermoms (dads)

Some individual moms and dads just go above and beyond, and deserve to be celebrated and shine! Are you a Supermom(dad) too? Do you know of an incredible Supermom(dad) who deserves extra appreciation for being so wonderful?

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