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Live, laugh, and love passionately— and you will then find true happiness and success.

~ Ruthi Davis

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Chronicles from a Superfly Supermom

Teaching Kids Peace in a World of Tragedy

Dear Confessional, I am a mom of many words—I’m actually much like an elderly grandmother who has a story or anecdote for everything. Yet with all of these horrific tragedies seemingly happening nonstop these days, I feel like I’m pretty much speechless (is that even...

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When You’re Done Expecting

Tap into this incredible journey of over 100 women from around the world, sharing their personal reflections on motherhood. I am grateful to have been included in such a candid and inspiring compilation with my own chapter as well. Quick link here:...

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Obsessed with my GoPants!

Cannot get enough of my GoPants!   Dress it up or down... either way you feel like you're wearing the most elegant, flattering, and coziest yoga pants! Even better, they're portable, wrinkle resistant, machine washable, and this light fabric comes in a collection of...

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Fly on the Wall Chronicles

Brutally honest trial-and-error parenting tips and life lessons that pediatricians, parents, and friends don’t mention!

Toddler Talk

Hilarious kid quips and comments. You just can’t make this stuff up!

The Living Book

Explore the first volume of this compelling, young adult adventure series developed by an infinitely creative and talented 10-year old and her mother, a seasoned writing professional.

Celebrating Supermoms (dads)

Some individual moms and dads just go above and beyond, and deserve to be celebrated and shine! Are you a Supermom(dad) too? Do you know of an incredible Supermom(dad) who deserves extra appreciation for being so wonderful?